Creating a Table of Content Page for a Workbook

Have you ever tried creating a table of content page for your Excel workbook? Many people think content page is only needed when writing a report but never thought an Excel workbook may also require one. Adding a content page to your workbook will greatly improve the user experience and makes your work looks more professional. Now let’s take a look at how we can do that to make you look smarter.

Table of Content for the worksheets

Very often, you will have a workbook contains multiple worksheets e.g. one worksheet for each month’s data. In order to create a content page, follow the steps below:

1. Creating a new worksheet and rename it as “Content Page”

2. In cell A1(or anywhere of your preference) , type in “Table of Contents”.

3. Below your TOC, key in your worksheet names, e.g Jan, Feb, one row for each worksheet, or choose any arrangement you like.

4. Move to “Jan”, press “Ctrl + K”, the shortcut to call out the “Edit Hyperlink” function. ALTernatively, you can right click on the cell and choose “Hyperlink” located at the end of the pop-up menu.

how to create hyperlink

5. In the pop up window, under the “Link to” box, choose “Place in This Document”, then choose “Jan” under “Or select a place in this document”. Click “OK”.

insert hyperlink

6. Now you have linked the cell to worksheet “Jan” and you will be navigated to the “Jan” tab when you click on the cell,”Jan” (which will be underlined and colored).

how does a hyperlink text looks like

7. Do the same for the rest of the cell and link them to the respective worksheets.

8. If you wish, you can add a “back to content page” in each worksheet to allow the user the quickly go back and forth between worksheets and the TOC page.

create a link back to main page

9. Add a background color/picture to your page to complete the page.

And that’s it. You have just created a simple content page for your workbook and made it fully navigable between worksheets. Start doing it for your Excel reports right now!


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