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The Excel Tests contain herein are meant for you to evaluate your Microsoft® Excel skills. The terms beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert differ in meaning, depending on the websites you go to. As for me, I would consider someone who knows how to use a Pivot Table as an intermediate user. To others, these users should be considered experts.

It doesn’t really matter whether you are labelled as an expert or basic users. What matters most is your ability to

complete the Excel job quickly. Therefore, we decided to set up a number of tests for you to test your Excel skills. We hope that the tests would help you improve your experiences in Microsoft Excel.


7 Weeks Challenge

Are you an expert in Microsoft® Excel? If you are, try this 7 weeks challenge. One challenge will be issued per week and you are to find out whether you can complete the test given. The solution will be given to you in the following week. At the end of the 7 weeks challenge, we will share with you a 5 seconds solution to the most throny problem you may encounter with text formattedExcel dates. If you wish to challenge yourself in this, sign up for this 7 weeks challenge now!.


5 seconds test on absolute and relative cell reference

Take this test to find out whether you really know how to use abosolute and relative cell reference to your advantage.

Download Basic Test 1 Data

Did you manage to get the right answer to the test? If you didn’t, download this file for the solution.

Download Basic Test 1 Data Solution


One minute test to gauge your proficiency in Excel.

Experienced Excel users would have no problem completing the test within a minute. If you are able to use the right steps to complete the test but takes more than a minute, you are on your way to becoming an “expert”.

The test requires you to know Excel worksheets functions, methods and how to apply them.

Based on the data provided below, find out how many people are born in the month of Jan, Feb,…Nov, Dec.

Download Excel Test Data File

Did you manage to complete the test within one minute? If you have not, take a look at the solution and find out whether you have used the right approach to get the solution.

Click here for Excel Tests Solution

This excel file contains a list of products which are arranged in rows of 3. Below show a small subset of the data.

[supsystic-tables id=21]

Can you find a way to re-arrange the products (without using Macro) and list them in one column as shown:

[supsystic-tables id=22]

Download the working file and take the test!

Knowing what the formulas and functions in Excel can do is not enough to maximise the use of Excel. The above tests shows that the importance of applying these formulas in your work. Here is a course that will teach you how to apply those seemingly useless formulas and functions to your excel projects and unleash the potential of Excel. The title of the course is called “Sales Performance Analytics with Excel“.

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