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What type of data should a marketer collect?

What type of data does a marketer collect?

Customer Data

Age will identify which generation they are in and also identify their purchasing power. Age can also give clues as what their priorities are and what phase of their lives they are in, singles, newly married, parents with young kids, parents with teenage kids, parents with grown up kids, empty nesters, etc.

Gender will give clues as to where to find these customers and what platform to advertise to have a better ROI in marketing.

Salary is difficult to get but if available, it would be able to give us clues on how the product is perceived. I just watched a documentary and it mentioned that China consumers buy expensive fruits to show their social status. https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/east-asia/a-slice-of-luxury-hong-kongs-high-end-fruit-fad

Location, state and country will help to close the distance between the company and the buyers.

Sales Data

Certain products appeal to different consumers and knowing which group of customers the product appeals to help the marketers zero in on their marketing strategies.

Size will help a marketer forecast the demand in the future. If a certain size is consumed more than another size, it gives the marketer some ideas where to find these customer instead of marketing to the general masses.

Dates will help to determine how fast a product moves. Some products are purchased weekly, monthly or yearly. If a pattern can be identified, it will surely help the marketer plan their stocks better.

Units purchased is related to frequency of purchased. More units purchased at any one time could mean lower frequency of purchase. Marketers could make use of this fact to control the rate of sales.

Territories help to identify specific lifestyle of a territory. Some products are sold better in one territory than another because of their life style, culture, or some other uncommon factors.

Online data

Impressions will help to identify how much exposure a page on the website is getting

Clicks will help to identify the interest of the visitors. If there is a high impression but a lower click through rate, then it means that the content of the page needs to be modified to take advantage of the exposure the web page is getting

Search position or rank has an impact on the number of impression a web page is getting. Most people searches only the first page, at most second page. Therefore, it is important to try to make the page appear on the first page of the search engine to maximize the exposure of the product, company or web page.

When you see a declining trend

When you see a declining trend….

When you see a declining trend, the first thing to establish is whether it is a market behavior or a company specific behavior. The picture below showed a declining trend in the number of impressions of a website. The first reaction we have is drop in traffic for the website and panic.

What I would do is to download the data for the website from Google Search Engine Console and identify whether there is a drop in the position. If the position is maintaining or better than before, then the impression drop is market changes. If the position has dropped, then the drop in impression is caused by the webpages which we have much better control. This is how we could react to the drop in impression. Without data, this is not possible to establish.

Which layout is better for comparison?

There are 2 ways to layout your indicators for comparison between 2 periods. One is to put one top of the other and the other is to put them side by. 

Compare 2 sets of indicators

Compare top and bottom

Compare side by side

Compare side by side

Which one would you choose?

I would choose the first one (compare top and bottom) because I can see the same indicators in the same column. The data source to create this report is also scalable and we can compare more than 2 periods as time goes by.