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The Page Layout Ribbon in Excel 2007

The Page Layout Ribbon, the third of the Standard Ribbons, makes the page setup function more accessible. In the Classic version, the page setup function is accessed via the File Menu. In addition to the page setup function, the Ribbon has 2 more command groups which we will discussed later in this page.

Below is a screenshot of the Insert ribbon:

screenshot page layout ribbon


screenshot page layout ribbon themes

The command themes allows user to change the existing set of colors, font type, effects of the workbook to another. You could also amend any of the settings individually. In the classic version, these settings can also be changed through the Tools Menu -> Options.

Page Setup

screenshot page layout ribbon page setup

If you have used page setup in the classic version before, this group of commands will not be unfamiliar to you. Most of the page setup options and settings are grouped together here. The only exceptions are the scale to fit function, the option to print gridlines and the row & columns labels. These are classified separately in the page layout ribbon.

screenshot page layout ribbon scale to fit screenshot page layout ribbon sheet option


screenshot insert ribbon charts
The arrange group of commands is used to arrange objects (pictures, shapes, text boxes, etc). For example, if you wish to align the pictures to the gridlines, all you have to do is to activate the option and all your objects will be snapped to the gridlines as you create or move them.

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