Copy and Paste formulas in a flash and save 95% of your time!

copy and paste in a flash

Suppose you have a long list comprising hundreds or even thousand of rows. And you created a formula to say multiple the quantity and price. How do you copy and paste the formula down the list? Do you use 

1. copy and paste icons on the Ribbon (the icons and tabs at the top of Excel?

2. Use the key board short cut keys to Copy (Ctrl + C) and Paste (Ctrl + V)?

3. Use the mouse to right click and select copy. Then right click again and select paste?

4. Drag and drop the formula down the list?

5. Double click on the formula?

There is a video to show you how to do all these and also copy and paste in a flash. If you prefer to watch instead of read, scroll down to the end of the page.

The first option – copy and paste using the icons in the ribbon is for the beginners or those who are not hardly use Excel.

The second method- use keyboard shortcust to copy and paste. This is one method I use because I am already trained to press the keyboard key with my left hand and the mouse with my right hand. So I can navigate and action fairly quickly.

The third method – copy and paste using the mouse right click is useful for me when I am thinking or analyzing the data at the same time. So I will go slow on my spreadsheet.

The fourth method – drag and drop is used when I have data that is about one screen long. I can simply drag and finish in a second or two.

But….. if you have hundreds or thousand of rows of data, you won’t want to use the 4 methods above. It’s going to take a long time for you to copy and paste. And the time taken to do it will probably break your train of thoughs when you have to analyze the data quickly. You wish to clean up as quickly as possible and move on to the clean data. That’s when double click works best. So how do we do it?

It is very simple. You can definitely do it. Just point your cursor at the bottom right hand corner of the cell containing the formula. You will see a black cross showing up as if you are dragging now. Instead of dragging down, double click (left mouse button). The formula will be copied straight down to the last cell in the list. That’s it.

If you wish to see the copy and paste in action, watch the video below.


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