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Excel Chart in a Dashboard Report

​Screenshots of the Dashboard


​Features in the Excel Dashboard

1. The Excel Chart dashboard contains a dropdown box that allow you to click and select the fund you wish to review.Enter your text here…

dropdown box

​2. A table that displays the profitability of the fund for the last 2 years. The table will show a green arrow if the variance make a positive contribution to profit for this year compared to last year.

performance tablevariance chart

​3. The graph on the fund ranking are automatically arranged in descending order and it will highlight the bar representing the selected fund in red. In case the bar is too short, the top left hand corner of the graph will display the rank and the rate of return (profit only) of the fund.

Chart ranking

​4. The second graph will display the income and profit trend of the selected fund for the last 5 years. The y axis will auomatically switched in denomination from thousands to millions when the values in the graph cross the half a million mark.

changing y-axis

​5. Finally, you can easily add more funds for comparison just by filling in the details in the next empty column all the way to column Z.


​If you wish to see this Unit Trust Dashboard in action, complete the form below and have it send your inbox Now!

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