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Open an Excel workbook or file looks so simple that nobody would have thought it should take more than a minutes to train. I thought so too until I started training on recording macros that I realised that not many people really know how to open a workbook within Excel. I believe most people open an Excel through the file explorer. ALThough there is nothing wrong doing that, it is not the right way to do it, especially when recording macros that requires you to open another file. The

macro recorder will not be able to capture the action and the macro is bound to fail. What triggers me to write this page is when my staff told me that she opens the Excel file in the dropbox for the whole day and caused the dropbox to create a conflict Excel file when I open the same file to update and save. When I asked her to close the file when she is done updating, she told me that it is too troublesome to open and close the file because she has to click deep into the folders just to open the file. That caused me to write this page. The most obvious way to open the file is to double within file explorer and that will open the file in Excel. The second way is to use the Office logo button that is located at the top left hand corner of the spreadsheet. That is for Excel 2007. If


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