The Insert Ribbon in Excel 2007

The Insert Ribbon, just next to the Home Ribbon, is basically a replcement for the Insert Menu in the Classic version (Excel ver 2003 and below). The minor changes to this Insert Menu is the changeover of the Header and Footer, Pivot Table. The insert function for the worksheets elements, such as rows, columns, worksheets, etc has been moved to the Home Ribbon as highlighted in our previous lesson.

Below is a screenshot of the Insert ribbon:

screenshot insert ribbon

Insert Pivot Table and Table

screenshot insert ribbon pivot table

The first group of commands is on working with Pivot Table and Table. In the classic version, this option is listed under the Data Menu because it is primarily used for Data Analysis. The change to the insert ribbon, most probably has got to do with the activity or action of inserting. If you do not know anything about Pivot Table, I would highly recommend you read about it in our write-up on Pivot Table.

Insert Objects

screenshot insert ribbon chart

The commands or icons in this group are also available in the classic version. Other than through the Menu bar,the objects can also be accessed through the Drawing Toolbar. You can activate it in the Classic version by moving your mouse over to the area below the menu and click on the right mouse button. Select Drawing and the toolabr will appear. Here is a brief description of what the objects can do.

  1. Pictures from your Picture Collections
  2. Clip Art from MS Office or from the Web.
  3. Shapes and Lines
  4. SmartArt a new feature in Excel 2007. These include an assortment of shapes that you can use to create visual diagrams such as flow chart, organization chart that depict relationships.

Insert Charts

screenshot insert ribbon charts

I believe this group of commands do not need much explanation. It is for working with charts in Excel. The only difference between Excel 2007 and Classic version is Excel 2007 makes the selection of chart types more accessible.

Insert HyperLink

screenshot insert ribbon hyperlinks

Hyperlink in Excel not only can be used to access a website, it can also be used to navigate around the workbook. For example, you can also create a hyperlink to select another worksheet.

Insert Text

screenshot_home ribbon_text

This group of commands allows you to work with the following types of text:Text and Text Box – Insert a box for entering sentences and paragraphs, not limited by the width and height of the cell. Header and Footer – Insert text that appears on top and/or botton of each page of printout Word Art – let you insert fanciful text into your worksheet Signature Line – Insert your signature into the workbook Object – Insert Word documents or Powerpoint presentation onto you Symbol – Insert special characters into your worksheet

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