Business Uses of Excel

Take a look at these business uses of Excel provided or asked by our participants from “Excel Course for Business Professionals

Analysing data downloaded from SAP

Users of SAP usually have to resort to using Excel to analyse their reports because of the flexibility offered by Excel, the relatively in-expensive ALTernative to customised reports created by SAP and also the long

turnaround to create those reports. However, most users have to manually clean up the downloaded data in Excel because the conversion is not perfect and they lack the knowledge to clean them up. One of the common causes is with dates. Dates downloaded from SAP are present as text in the excel worksheet. Learn how to clean up the dates quickly by participating in our 7 weeks challenge.

Management Dashboards

You can make use of the various formulas and functions in Excel to create a management dashboard, a report that provide your bosses with a quick overview of the subject matter.

Tracking Updates in Forecasted Sales

There are 2 ways you could track the updates in forecasted sales. One is to use the advanced version of conditional formatting and the other is to use the readily available highlight changes function is Excel. Both methods are present in this tracking updates page.

Dashboard for Investment linked Insurance Policy

Using an Excel based dashboard, you can quickly compare and analyse a particular fund against the other funds offered by your insurance company. The beauty of the dashboard is in ability to present critical information in one page so that you could review the unit trust quickly. Read more about the concept in this page titled : What Your Insurance Agents Never Show You

Excel Calendar

Creating a 12 months calendar is no small feat. You have to know when the first day of the month begins in the week and then run the consecutively till the end of the month. It could be 28, 29 (for Feb), 30 or 31 for other months. It is definitely doable if it is done manually, but what if you need to generate the calendar of any year with a click of a button. And how to make the calendar highlight the public holidays without you having to find the exact location of that date in the year. This excel calendar page will show you how to create it, WITHOUT using macros. If all you want is to use it, then click on this other excel calendar link.

Stock Management

You can monitor your stock movement whether by day, month or year easily with Excel Pivot Table. The key is setting up the fields correctly to monitor stock movements. You can find out more details in our inventory management system page.

Shipment Planning

Pivot Table gives me the basics of creating our shipment planning forecast. A very benefiting tool for segregating data you require.

Merging Data

Before, I had to manually merge data. Now with Vlookup, merging data and manipulating them is a breeze!

Create forms

Excel is a powerful tool for designing my questionaire for manpower survey as I can save money on temp staff to do data entry! It helps me greatly in my analysis of data too as I can customise what information to retrieve and how to present my results.

Performance Tracking

Conditional formating and creation of a survey form using the functions in excel are very useful for me to do my work more quickly. Conditional formating because it is very useful in performance tracking.

The functionality of Excel that can assist to track business performance and achieve growth.

Find Breakeven point

Using the Goal Seek function, we can find the breakeven point quickly.

Identify Blank Rows

The conditional formatting. I want to auto-highlight those rows that are urgent/blank. Time saving was beneficial.

Duplicate Records

I used to sieve duplicate records manually but now I can use advanced filter to do that.

Extract data from ACCPAC/SAP

The Excel Pivot Table combined with MS Query are fantastic tools! My client managed to use them to extract the required data from Accpac and submit it to my Organisation’s HQ in Germany.


The ranking formula can help to rank scores quickly.

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