Maintaining MS Outlook Contacts in Excel

Maintaining customer contacts in MS Outlook is big business for me. It provides me with the contact details of my existing customers and potential customers. These details will not remain the same over time. It will change as your customers change jobs, moved office, etc. Making these changes in the contact listing is also not practical because it can only be done one contact at a time. Outlook is also not a good analytical tool to profile my customers. Excel is. That’s why I developed a

macro to export the contact details from MS Outlook into Excel.

When the review is completed, I would use the second macro which I have developed to synchronize these new changes back into the MS Outlook. A perfect way for me to have an updated list all the time.

Instead of keeping it to my self, I have decided to make these 2 macros available as a free download to anyone who finds it useful. All I request is your feedback to let me know how it helps you in your work.

Just fill up the form below and I will send the macro to you instantly.

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