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Advanced Excel Business Center is not a technical website where you just learn about the functions and formulas available in Microsoft® Excel. It is for intermediate and advanced Excel Business users who want to become more effective in using it to manage customer databases, preparing management reprots, sales reports, inventory, analysis, financial modelling, etc.

We are not going to show you just excel formulas and functions. We would like to

show you with examples when and where you could use them in your day to day work. Microsoft® Excel is a simple and yet POWERFUL tool if you master it.

One example is related to data downloaded from SAP. When you download data containing dates from SAP in excel, you may notice that the dates are formatted as text. Most people will put the blame on Excel, not knowing that it is caused by their computer setup. But whatever the cause is, Excel does offer a solution to the problem. And if you want to know what the solution is, go to our page converting text dates from SAP into excel dates.

Another of our favorite example is our Excel calendar, created only with formulas, no Macros or VBA is involved. And it is more powerful than most of the solutions you can find on the internet. You can see the 12 months calendar of any year simply by one click of the mouse button. Not only so, you can enter your own country holidays into the template and it will be highlighted automatically for you without you having to do it manually. If you wish to highlight special occassions, such as your spouse and children’s birthdays, family vactions dates, you can just enter them into a cell and the Excel Calendar will help you colour the calendar automatically. You can now download a FREE copy of the calendar in our Excel calendar page.

Another function which has impressed me is the record a macro function. With this function, we can create a macro without the need to know about programming. The codes are generated automatically by Excel or to be more specific, Visual Basic for Applications. Take a look the web page on macro Excel Visual Basic for Application (VBA) on how I have used recording a macro to create a cell formatting macro.

A lot of advanced excel users have misunderstood Visual Basic for Application for Visual Basic. They are different. Visual Basic (VB in short) is not an abbreviation (or short form) for Visual Basic for Application. To be a good Visual Basic programmer, you need to understand how use those codes in a program. However, to be a good VBA programmer, you need to know the programming codes as well as the Excel formulas and functions. Excel VBA has the capability to enhance the power of the Excel. You can even use VBA to create functions that are not available in Excel.


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