How to find blank cells in a range

Here is the step by step solution to the question: How to find blank cells in a range and hightlight them.

1. Highlight the range where you want to find the blanks cells.

2. Go to to menu bar, select edit, goto. Alternatively, you can press the function key F5.

3. When a dialog box pops up, find a button labeled “Special” located at the bottom left hand corner of the dialog box.

4. Another dialog box will appear. Look for the option labeled as “blanks”. Select the option.

5. Click on the “OK” button.

6. Click on the OK” Button to exit the dialog box.

7. Notice that all the blank cells are now highlighted.

8. Go to the menu bar, select format, cells. Alternatively, you could right click over any of the highlighted blank cells and select format cells.

9. Go to the pattern tab and choose yellow or any of your favorite color. Alternatively, you can click on the paint icon to format the cells

10. Click OK. Now all the blank cells are highlight.

Is the above too difficult to follow? Fret not, I have created a video to show you.

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