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~Powerful Excel Calendar Developed using only formulas

Sucessful Request: Free Excel Calendar Template

Thank you for requesting for the Excel Calendar template.The calendar is powerful because it is created using only Excel formulas and nothing else. Unlike other calendars, you do not require any additional

installation and you can create as many copies as you like, for personal use, office, projects, etc. It does not use any macros, which means that the possibility of encountering programming errors is zero. The formulas are tried and tested by millions of people over the world. You can also learn how we create this calendar step by step on this excel calendar page.

We would also like to take this opportunity to show you our capability in unleashing the potential of Microsoft® Excel, a program that you already own. You can learn these skills through our face-to-face excel courses. ALTernatively, you can also consider purchase our online excel course if you are not able to attend our face-to-face training course.

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God Bless,Jason KhooChief TrainerExcel Courses for Business ProfessionalsAuthor of “Excel Secrets of Highly Effective Marketers

Want to learn how to create this excel calendar template on your own? Click on our excel calendar page and we will show you how.

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