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    My name is Jason Khoo. I am the author of this Advanced Excel Resource portal, 2 Excel books titled “Hidden Secrets of Data Analysis with Excel” and “Excel Secret for Highly Effective Marketers“. In addition, I also own the Online Excel Course blog where my team answers spreadsheets questions posted by our participants and visitors. I

    founded 2 companies in Singapore, both of them are related to Excel, one is a consultancy business and the other is a training company. In SynergyWorks, we provide solutions to business problems, primarily using Complex formula, MS Excel macro programming or VBA. It started when I realized that I can help companies create business models that are capable of streamlining the entire budgeting process and reduces the number of files used by 90%. Yes. 90%, it is not a typo error.

    I am also providing Advanced Excel training to Managers and Executives. The company everydayExcel Business Lab started with the intention to raise the awareness of excel uses in business. Throughout the years, we have researched and perfected our courses. I am proud to say that we have already trained thousands, mainly through referrals.

    Prior to setting up my own company, I was working in local listed companies and foreign MNCs supporting the marketers in analysing their marketing plans and providing quality information for business decision-making. I was also a financial controller in a Fortune 500 company for a business unit which generates a total revenue of more than S$100 million per annum.

    I was constantly asked where did I learn my Excel from. I told them that I learn it all by myself as I tried to solve every problem that I encounter. The next question that follows is “Which book do I recommend?”. I didn’t have an answer to that question initially. Then I realized that there is one particular book that I read and also refer to when I encounter a macro programming problem. And that is book “ Excel 2000 VBA Programmers Reference ” by John Green.

    The book as shown on the left is a good excel resource book for those who are interested in Macro Programming. It is written in the form of a tutorial and covers the various mechanisms available for referring to particular files, sheets, cells, and ranges of cells. It also addresses the graphical representation of data–particularly in charts–and explains the most important aspects of controls and the events they generate. One of the key benefits for owning this book is in understanding the internationalization issues in considerable depth. This is the best VBA book on the market for those planning to write programs for a multilingual usage of Excel. There is also a VBA primer that covers critical VBA syntax and the essentials of object-orientation as it applies to the Excel environment. I will recommend more excel resource in future.


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