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If you are looking for some advanced excel training, you have come to the right place. In this page, we are going to show you how to solve some of the problems you are likely to encounter in your business use of Excel.

These trainings not only show you how Excel formulas and Excel functions work, it also shows you how they should be applied in real business situations. If you wish to fully maximize the use of these microsoft excel tutorials, you must first have a good basic understanding of

Excel. These microsoft excel tutorials are meant to help you manage large spreadsheets containing hundreds and even thousands of rows of data records. You will not only become more competent in navigating through the Excel worksheets but also how to format these spreadsheets quickly and accurately. At the end of these mini microsoft excel tutorials, you will become more confident in managing large and complicated worksheets.

The training contained in this page is developed from real business scenarios I have encountered over the years and the solutions were found through various means. I am confident that your work on Excel woud have been easier for you and would have saved you hours if you have been using the methods shown below. Through these training, you will be able to make Microsoft® Excel work harder for you without using macro programming / VBA.

Mini Advanced Excel Training courses:

I have a range of cells partially filled with data. How can I highlight or format those blanks cells in the range quickly?

My solution to find blank cells is by using Goto Special. Don’t know how to do it? Follow the following step by step guide to find blank cells.

Do you think that the FIND ALL function in the “find and replace” dialog box, is a useless function that list down the addresses of the cells in worksheets that match the word or phrases in the FIND WHAT box?

If your answer is YES, then you are missing out something very important here. Find out what you could do with the FIND ALL list displayed.

How do we convert text to numbers?

Convert text to numbers is a very challenging problem and it can come in mutiple scenarios. There are many approaches to solve this problem depending on the constraints you are facing. Check it out in our

convert text to number page to find the methods you could use to solve this problem.

Paid Excel Training course

Hidden Secrets in Data Analysis with Excel is a solution-based Microsoft® Excel training tailored for managers and executives who are seeking practical solutions to their Excel problems in raw data management, business analysis and reporting. It is conducted based on business case studies with the aim of maximizing your benefits (e.g. productivity, report accuracy) in using Excel. The first part of the course is based on a fixed curriculum and its purpose is to equip you with foundational skills and competence to explore Excel on your own. The second part of the course is customised to your needs by working through your real, existing problems encountered in your work, and offering solutions that will increase your productivity. The level of customization is dependent on the needs, skill level, expectation and requests of the class.

To find out more about our classroom-based advanced Excel training course in Singapore, click here.

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